New Research Suggest Women Take Less Holiday Than Their Male Colleagues

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by Elizabeth Bennett |
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Not only do we have to deal with the gender pay gap, ridiculous uniform codes, and discrimination in the workplace, it seems also women take less holiday than their male counterparts.

According to research by The U.S. Travel Association's 'Project: Time Off', women are less likely to use their holiday days than men.

From a survey of 7,331 American workers they found that 20-23% of women felt guilty taking off days they were entitled to via annual leave.

Additionally, 25-28% of women admitted they thought taking time off work would make them appear less committed to their career.

This is despite of the fact that 45-55% of millenial women deemed annual leave to be 'extremely important'.

The survey also identified a concept called 'work martyrdom', where employees don't take time off in order to impress their boss.

'44% of millenials want their boss to view them as a work martyr opposed to 37 percent of Generation X and the 33 percent of Boomers,' the survey stated.

With most young people grappling with rising rent and lack of job security, it's hardly surpising. After all, who hasn't felt awkward asking their boss for holiday they more than qualify for? Or, got to December and realised they still have a good 10 days left to take?

On that note, you're probably best booking some holiday, and pronto.

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