Girl Sends Selfie To Family Whatsapp Group. With Dildos In The Background

Can you spot the dildos?

Girl Sends Selfie To Family Whatsapp Group. With Dildos In The Background

by Aimee Jakes |
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Okay, so imagine you are going for an interview (Let’s just assume it's for a job and it’s one you really want). You need your hair to look banging so that the employer takes one look at you and says, ‘corr look at that shine! She looks like she uses Morrocan Oil and knows a thing or two about personal grooming! We could really use you on our team!’ (That's how interviews work yeah?)

Obviously, you need to show off your great hair to someone pre-interview and so you decide to take a selfie of gleaming hair and post it to the Whatsapp family group chat, because parents always say you look nice AND it’s a good chance to say, ‘Hey, look at how adult I am being and going to interviews and stuff.’


It could happen to any of us. In the post selfie-haze, one woman realised there were not but TWO dildos in the picture. In the picture she'd sent to her parents.

When she realised, she understandably panicked and quickly messaged her brother saying ‘ok mayday mayday. That pic I just sent has not one, but 2 dildos in it(sic)’ Her brother kindly responded by uploading the photos and ensuing texts to Imgur.

Whether her parents noticed the toys is still unclear, however let this be a lesson – take EXTRA care when sending selfies to parents. That is all.

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