This Woman Is Taking Selfies With Men That Catcall Her

This is the perfect response to everyday sexism

This Woman Is Taking Selfies With Men That Catcall Her

by Phoebe Parke |

How do you react when someone catcalls you? Do you keep walking, retaliate with an insult or roll your eyes?

A 20-year-old woman from Amsterdam has a unique response - for one month she’s been taking selfies with the men who catcall her and posting them on Instagram with a description of what they’ve said or done.

Captions range from ‘I know what I would do with you, baby,’ to ‘psssst, whoooooop, Can he have your number?’ and ‘sexy girl Where you goin'?? Can I come with you ?’ and she’s taken pictures of men in cars, at work and in bars, but mainly on the street.

With 50,000 followers on her Instagram account @dearcatcallers, Noa Jansma is using her platform to spread the message that catcalling is not a compliment.

‘This Instagram has been created with the aim to create awareness about objectification in everyday life,’ Jansma wrote in one of her early posts.

‘Since many people still don’t know how often and in whatever context “catcalling” happens, I’ll be showing my catcallers within the period of one month.’

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Jansma only started posting on the account in late August 2017, and her pictures get hundreds of likes and comments in support of her campaign from around the world.

There are 24 selfies on her feed, but that’s not even the half of it, Jansma has told the Independent in an interview that there were instances where she didn’t feel safe enough to ask for a selfie, or the man had already walked on.

By the way, only one man asked her why she wanted a photo with him - oblivious much?

Noa Jansma wasn't immediately available for comment when The Debrief reached out.

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