That Woman Who Said She Had A Third Boob Added Was Lying

She was ‘busted’ using a three-breast prosthesis


by Fiona Byrne |
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In not-altogether-surprising news, the woman in Florida who told everyone she’d had a third boob implanted was lying the entire time.

Jasmine Tridevil (hi, porn name) told a radio show she’d had a third boob implanted between her natural pair because she didn’t want to date anymore and wanted to appear less attractive to men. She was also planning a TV show called Jasmine’s Jugs, which she hoped would make it onto MTV.

Although it seemed a little suspect when she refused to name her doctor, she made the excuse that what he/she did was unethical. She created a whole story about how they took skin from her abdomen and used an implant, including a small nipple implant. She also uploaded videos to YouTube of her dancing in a three-cup bikini, as well as images on Instagram and Facebook. She was even getting ready to come to New York for talk-show appearances, she said.

It might have been on that journey that she was rumbled, since she was caught in her own lie after her luggage went missing at Tampa airport. When police tracked down the thieves, they went through the bag and found a three-breast prosthesis. Busted! No pun intended.

TMZ, who are basically the FBI of celebrity crimes, obtained the police report and published it, where the prosthesis is listed as one of the items impounded, and Jasmine’s real name is listed as Alisha.

It seems pretty desperate to pretend you have three boobs to gain fame, but it’s not as desperate as actually having the insane surgery, so we’re quite relieved really.

Picture: Facebook

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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