Woman Doesn’t Look Like Her Online Dating Picture. Man Beats Her Up.

He punched her in the face, and then stamped on her while she lay on the floor. Why? Because she had a 'fat face'.


by Stevie Martin |
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A Chinese woman was beaten up by her date after he found she didn't look like her online picture, after spending over £5000 on flights to her hometown in east China. Nice.

After exchanging pictures and messages on WeChat, 32 year-old Xiaojin Tuan flew to meet the woman of his dreams, Huang Mao, but when she didn't resemble the pictures, they got into an argument where he accused her of lying, punched her in the face and stamped on her as she lay on the floor.

‘I knew exactly what she looked like as the image of her face was engrained in my memory,' he said. ‘So when this woman came and sat down next to me I was completely shocked. This woman had a fatter face and acne, completely unlike the woman in the photo.’

Xiaojin's friend reported that he didn't care about the flight cost because 'love has no price', he called Huang his 'Goddess' and 'was pretty gutted when he turned up and found out what she really looked like’.

Gutted, and also a total arse hole. Of course, she shouldn't have misled him - but who doesn't look way hotter in their online dating photos than in real life? And there's no way of telling. So it's basically his fault for being, at best, misguided and, at worst, a total moron. Surprisingly, the debacle ended on fairly peaceful terms, with a police spokesman stating: 'The couple were detained and then woman was given medical treatment. She has decided not to press charges and they parted on friendlier terms although both vowed never to do online dating again.’

So if youre planning on filtering the crap out of your images, probably put a stop to someone who is prepared to spend thousands of pounds to fly over and see you. Unless they know you aren't actually in Sepia.

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