Woman Takes Halloween Into Own Hands, Decorates Yard With Carjackings And Police Violence

Think less Blair Witch Project, more IRL bad stuff


by Alyss Bowen |
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Every year for Halloween there’s always that one house that goes all out and decorates the front of their home. And by all out, we mean lights, scary masks, pumpkins, the works. In north-west Detriot, that was Larethia Haddon’s home.

Larethia is known for her Halloween themed decorated front-yard, it’s her tradition and it has been for nearly a quarter of a century - until her tradition took a different route. This year for Halloween, Larethia is displaying less horror film scary, more real life scary – think victims of police violence, carjackings and lead poisoning in a nearby city, Flint that has led to a water crisis.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – these don’t sound very Blair Witch Project scary, but in reality these are the things so many people are scared of in 2016. Larethia spoke about the project, stating that the inspiration came from her 10 grandchildren: ‘They said: we’re not afraid of the boogeyman anymore, we’re afraid of these things that are going on.’

Her project has touched the city, with hundreds of people visiting the display, according to The Guardian.

The display includes a faced-down body next to a sign that reads ‘stop killing our children,’ to symbolise carjacking, a ‘Predator,’ because her grandchildren are scared of going outside to play, a bearded figure with white hair and a glass of discoloured water to symbolise the Flint water crisis and a blood-stained dummy with black gloves and a camo jacket – to symbolise the police shootings across American.

While this may not be an average display, it’s a reality. Detroit has been ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in the US, according to Forbes, with 2,137 violent crimes per 100,00 residents. Larethia’s project is shedding light on the crimes that her grandchildren, and the city, have to encounter and if that means getting rid of pumpkins for one year – we’re for it.

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