Wireless Charging Could Be A Thing On The Next iPhone As Yet More Rumours Are Leaked

No more charging cables!

Wireless Charging Could Be A Thing On The Next iPhone As Yet More Rumours Are Leaked

by Tara Lepore |
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How many chargers are in your bag RIGHT NOW? Today, I’m carrying around an iPhone charger, a laptop lead, earphones, a mouse (of the wired computer sort, not the small rodent) and a Kindle charger.

Alas, although Apple has always been famously secretive about its new product launches, one of its suppliers let slip this week that wireless charging could arrive with the iPhone 8.

Hooray! The CEO of Apple’s Indian manufacturer Wistron said at a press conference on Wednesday that the next generation of iPhones will include 'new features such as waterproof and wireless charging.'

While ‘waterproof’ could be stretching it a bit far (it’s likely he meant it would have the same water-resistant feature as the iPhone 7), wireless charging is GREAT news for those with too many leads in their life.

In order for charging to work wirelessly, the back panel would have to be glass, and there’s also whispers on the internet that it’ll have an edge-to-edge screen.

As already rumoured back in March, the iPhone 8 could also be able to unlock your phone with your FACE using 3D technology on the selfie camera. Although we’re kinda sceptical about just how science fiction-y this is, it’ll hopefully be more secure than the Samsung Galaxy G8’s 2D face recognition, which can be tricked and unlocked with a photo of a face. Not great.

Anyway, enough of the Apple v Samsung beef - the iPhone MIGHT just have stepped into the wireless charging era, and about time too. Exactly when this will happen is still TBC - new iPhone models usually launch in September, but the 8 has already been rumored to be delayed. Maybe we’ll have to purchase the relaunched Nokia 3310 phone, with its uber battery life, to bring us through until the autumn...

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