WhatsApp Has A New Feature (And We Can’t Wait)


by Danielle Fowler |
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Okay, so it hasn’t been officially announced but word has it that WhatsApp has a whole new feature in the works.

Wait for it… drumroll please… GIFS.

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Designed for moments when you’re frantically typing away in the group WhatsApp and words let alone emoji’s can’t articulate what you need to say.

A blubbering mess? There’s a gif for that.

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Feeling angsty? There's a gif for that, too.

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Fancy trawling through endless 90's Leonardo Dicaprio throwbacks just because? Oh, you've come to the right place...

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And the breaking news has sent Twitter into meltdown as @WABetaInfohave the lowdown on all the latest secret goings-on from the app.

The team that tracks changes in code (and other techy related business) also gave us another heads up on the latest update. According to @WeBetaInfo, the new version of the app allows GIFs to auto-play for the first time instead of being converted to videos. Snazzy.

So give your friends a heads up as there's a whole load of 90's film reactions conveniently suited to every mood about to hit the group chat...

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