What Kind Of Spender Are You? Take The Quiz And Make Your Money Go Further

Take Zopa’s quiz, discover your financial habits and find out how Zopa’s new credit card could help you to gain control of your spending

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Do you visit the shops wanting just one thing and come home laden with bags? Do you tell yourself, "I’ll pop it on my credit card" and then worry at the end of the month when the bill arrives?

If this sounds familiar, Zopa is here to help. They've launched a brand-new credit card, designed to give you more control of your spending.

Founded in 2005, Zopa has helped over half a million customers take the stress out of money through good value, simple products like savings, loans and investments.

The new credit card is one of these products. It's got unique features such as real-time balance updates, so you know exactly how much you’ve just spent and how much credit you’ve got left. There's also a super handy Safety Net spending feature, which allows you to lock away some of your available credit balance for small, unexpected expenses.

"Managing our finances is like exercising a muscle - it can be trained so that you’re happier with how your situation feels," says leading consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale. "The way that we consider our spending choices can help a lot – whether it is looking for the best deal or thinking about the best way to pay."

Knowing how your personality impacts your spending choices is a good way to help gain control of your finances. So, Zopa has designed an easy multiple-choice quiz with the help of Kate Nightingale, where you can find out what type of spender you are. They've identified five distinctive spending types, from the most saving savvy to the most spontaneous spender.


Complete Control Cat

Controlled spending? You’ve got this. You’re the master of the to-do list with a calendar that’s always up-to-date. In life, you know that your happiness depends on you and what’s on the inside, rather than what you can afford to buy. Weekends with loved ones and new experiences are what you cherish most. And all this means you don’t need to go out and splurge for that quick-fix endorphin boost a bit of retail therapy might provide.


Careful Cash Koala

You’re always prepared. A safe pair of hands. And this is true when it comes to spending: sensible, but with an occasional reward for all your hard work. You may even have a nice collection of reliable treats to raise your spirits, yet sometimes you like to find something new and special.


Persuadable Pug

You’re a people person, living for dinners out, friendship and family. This means you can be easily swayed into unplanned nights out or nice new things. You tend to feel things deeply and find it hard to say ‘no’, so sometimes your mood can get the better of you, and this can lead to impulse buying. Try to remember that the best therapy doesn’t always include the word ‘retail’. An indulgent bath, a run with a friend in a park, or simply reading a great book could fill the gap for a fraction of the cost.


Flamboyant Fox

Whether to make up for a bad day or to celebrate your achievements, buying beautiful things or the newest gadgets is always on the agenda. You like discovering new places and brands - the more indulgent and luxurious the better. They give you that extra boost just before a work presentation or a date – because let’s face it, who doesn’t love something new in their wardrobe?


YOLO Flamingo

You’re constantly out and about, living in the moment. The newer and more thrilling the experience, the better. Everything excites you and life is exhilarating. And while this all sounds like a lot of fun, you might get that nagging doubt… The dread-inducing moment when you have to check your bank balance and you know it’s not going to be pretty.

Take Zopa’s quiz and find out what kind of spender you really are

For full details on Zopa's new credit card, visit zopa.com/credit-card

Rates from 9.9%, representative example: 34.9% representative APR variable based on an assumed credit limit of £1200. 34.9% p.a. variable purchase rate.

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