What Are The Biggest Wedding Trends Going To Be For 2020?

Bye bye flower walls.

What Are The Biggest Wedding Trends Going To Be For 2020?

by Rebecca Reid |

Just like food, fashion and travel, weddings are subject to trends. Just look at the greenery and copper obsessions of recent years, or the mid 2010s where you couldn't move for photo booths and personalised converse.

But what's on the menu for weddings in 2020? Bernadette Chapman, founder of the UK Alliance of wedding planners (UKAWP) has told us her predictions for the next year's nuptials.

Vegan Weddings

If you're plant based and wondering whether you need to offer a vegetarian or even carnivore option at our wedding, Bernadette has good news, saying: 'Between 2014 - 2018 the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled to 600,000 with 42% making the change in 2018. This is set to increase year on year. This will in turn have a greater impact on weddings then we have ever seen before with couples choosing a pure plant based wedding breakfast.

'The presentation will still be spectacular, and will taste delicious, but there will be no meat or dairy within the meal at all. Grazing tables will continue to rise in popularity with an emphasis on beautiful, organic and plant based produce. The couple themselves will ensure their outfits and all suppliers are vegan friendly, but they will not impose restrictions on guests. i.e. the groom will not wear leather but will not stop guests from wearing leather shoes'.

Other good news is that eating meat-free tends to be cheaper, so more to spent on cocktails.


We're all trying to be greener and kinder to the planet, so it's no surprise that sustainability as a wedding buzzword for 2020. Bernadette explains: 'Couples marrying now are very conscious of the damage we have done to the planet and they actively ensure they are as environmentally friendly as they can be. There are a number of ways they will incorporate this into their wedding such as sending invites on recycled card, asking guests to RSVP via their wedding website, arranging coaches to transport guests thus reducing car commissions, having a plastic free wedding, using local and sustainably farmed food and doing biodegradable favours.

Eco Conscious Flowers

Flowers are a massive cost, which is depressing given that they're dead faster than even the worst fated marriages. Bernadette says: 'In previous years we have seen a big focus on large abundant floral displays cascading over fireplaces and down long tables. However this will be changing in 2020 with couples opting for looser arrangements, they may still be cascading but won’t be as formal. Couples will increasingly be asking florists if they get their flowers locally.

Greater mix of bridal parties

Gener is an increasingly fluid concept so no surprise that modern bridal parties aren't splitting their mates down gender lines anymore. 'I’m predicting more fluid bridal parties, so a great mix of males in the bridal party and females in the groom’s party. Couples today openly have friends of the opposite sex so its only fitting they should play a big part in their wedding.'

More brides will make speeches

It's pretty bonkers that the bride isn't 'supposed' to speak at her own wedding, but that tradition is on the way out, according to Bernadette. 'Brides are feeling more confident and independent and are not afraid to speak up. They will insist on speaking at their wedding as why should it only be the men? They will speak of their love for their spouse but also their parents. Don’t be surprised if couples in fact do a speech together.'

Unique backdrops

Bored of flower walls yet? Good news, they're on the way out. 'Backdrops are still a popular focal point for weddings in 2020' says Bernadette, 'but couples will forgo flower walls for unique backdrops that they hire such a murals, frescos or stone carvings.'

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