#WeAreTheThey Shows Women Of All Sizes Defy Jamelia’s ‘Body-Shaming’

The Loose Women panellist said women over size 20 or under size 6 shouldn’t have clothes made for their sizes…

#WeAreTheThey Shows Women Of All Sizes Defy Jamelia’s ‘Body-Shaming’

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Women come in all shapes and sizes, so to categorise them into just a few even-numbered clothes sizes is a bit odd. Loose Women panellist Jamelia has recently said that shops shouldn’t stock certain sizes: ‘I don’t believe they (high street stores) should be providing clothes for below that range or above that range.’

She’s apologised, reports the BBC: ‘I genuinely love people and believe everyone has the right to feel wonderful and feel beautiful and it was never my intention to make people feel any less than what they are.’

Yet she’s further upset people by reiterating, in her apology, which sizes should no longer be sold in shops: ‘I didn’t make it clear that I was talking about extremes, I was talking about above size 20 and below size six, those sizes being available,’ she said.

Warmingly, some of the responses have taken a proper high ground. Women around the country (and now around the world) are teaming up under the hashtag #WeAreTheThey to talk about what it’s like to have a body that doesn’t fit into the norms of what women are meant to look like.

Here are just some of the statements – and photos – they’re putting out there to show just how proud they are of being outside of Jamelia’s proposed sizes.

The hashtag started from plus sized blogger, @Debzjs, who explained: ‘When she says “they” should be made to feel uncomfortable, I want it to be obvious that she is talking about real people. “They” is so anonymous and easy to say!

‘I would love for you to tweet and Instagram photos of yourself with the hashtag #WeAreTheThey and if you want to, tag Jamelia with your posts [sic]’

But so many of them really didn’t tag Jamelia. It looks as if the debate’s extended way beyond Jamelia’s comments, and that’s great. And the fact #WeAreTheThey is used to uplift people instead of slamming Jamelia is also pretty heartwarming.

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