Apparently The New Waxing Crescent Moon Will Boost Your Energy For Two Weeks

Do you feel it?

New Waxing Crescent Moon Will Boost Your Energy

by Alyss Bowen |
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We can’t go through a week with the moon messing up our emotions at the moment. From fucking with our love lives, to making us more disorientated, the moon ‘apparently’ plays a big part in how we’re feeling. And, yes you’ve guessed it, this week is no exception. Last night’s new moon, or the waxing crescent moon if you want to get official on us, supposedly gave us all an energy boost.

The moon pepped you up, it gave you a spark of endorphins. Do you feel it? I feel it, but I could be feeling the two coffees I had before 10am pulsing through my veins. Moon, coffee, same thing, right?

Let’s get technical here, the waxing crescent moon is the stage the moon moves into right after a ‘new moon.’ So last night, we had a new moon, in case you missed it. And now the moon is in its ‘waxing crescent’ stage, which means it’s growing to its fullest potential. This can span over two weeks, and according to the internet (not scientifically proven, sorry) we’re all going to experience a boost in our energy during this two-week period.

This period is all about making active changes, so below we lay before your very eyes some things we think would be worthwhile pursuing during your new, energy-driven life.

1. Take up a new hobby

Go rock climbing, start rowing. Hell, go W.I.L.D and take up archery. Now is the perfect time to do the things you’ve been talking about doing for ages. We are very aware these things will be more learning French than picking up a bow and arrow, but either way, get on that.

2. Exercise

Waking up at 5am with a burst of energy is no fun if you just stay in bed angry at the fact you can’t get back to sleep. I did that this morning, and you know what I should have done? Gone to the gym, used up all that energy and made the most of my time. It’s hard enough trying to exercise when you’re lacking in motivation, so during this two-week window, exhaust yourself and then you’ll never have to exercise again, (not that we're endording excercising in the same way as you'd cram for an exam - we're just saying, if you've got all that energy, you might as well use it.)

3. Make new friends

Do you enjoy making friends for the remainder of the year? No, of course you don’t. No one does. But right now, you’re positively beaming with life and light so people will be drawn to you.

4. And to follow that up, go on lots of dates.

Dating is tiring, so why not use this as an opportunity to go on 14 consecutive dates and see where it takes you? It could be shit, but at least then you know you don’t have to trawl through Tinder again for a bit.

Whatever you do on this two-week energetic journey, let us know how you’re feeling. Do you feel different? Do you feel energetic? Or are you experiencing the same 4pm slump you normally do? Tweet us, @thedebrief.

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