The Verdict On James Corden: The Talk Show Host? America Loves Him!

The Verdict Is In On James Corden: The Talk Show Host


by Grazia |

Last night the first* Late, Late Show* hosted by James Corden aired. The verdict? America (we know we're generalising here) loves 'im.

The reviews (on Twitter and in print) have been rather glowing for James. E! writes: "We're already kind of in love with James Corden after just one episode... no celebs were promoting anything (other than perhaps Mila's maternity jewelry line), there was a reference to our favorite movie Splash, and everyone looked like they were having a great time."

While The Hollywood Reporter said: "As first nights go, this was a winner for Corden." And Vulture said: "last night's premiere went about as well as a premiere can go."

Now onto why he was so good. Not only did Mr Corden manage to get Mila Kunis to reveal she is married to Ashton Kutcher and get Tom Hanks on his sofa, he also roped in Meryl Streep, Eddie Redmayne, Simon Cowell, Lena Dunham and Shia LeBoeuf to all partake in a pre-recorded skit.

Stars unwrapped a chocolate bar hoping to find the golden ticket and be chosen to host the* Late, Late Show*.

At the beginning of the show James introduced himself with a humble speech by saying: 'I couldn't be more honoured to be stood here talking to you now. Believe me however shocked you are that I am doing this job, you will never be as shocked as I am. But I promise we're going to have fun on this show and we're going to do everything we can to put a smile on your face before, or let's be honest, while you fall asleep. It really isn't lost on me what a privilege it is to be given a show like this and I will do my best not to let any of you down."

Another highlight of his first show was when he and Tom Hanks summarised his entire IMBD page, by spoofing ALL of films in less than 8 minutes, from Saving Private Ryan to Captain Phillips to* Toy Story*. This is what you call YouTube gold.

With David Beckham scheduled in the next few weeks, something tells us the James Corden public opinion rating is going to continue to soar [insert Union Jack emoji].

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