Watch This Homeless Guy Talk About Surviving By Going Back With Girls For Sex (And Showers)

What a gem. *eyeroll*


by Stevie Martin |
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Joe is 26 years old and homeless. By day he panhandles, earning up to $150 for alcohol, drugs and clubs, but by night he’s mastered the art of making girls take him home. Which is a natty way to nab a shower, if you think about it.

US website Elite Daily spent over a week with Joe, filming his lifestyle and how he manages to get bed and board (and sex) while also maintaining an immaculate enough appearance that none of his targets would believe he was homeless. His appearance is, he says, his survival tactic.

But how does he do it?

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‘Since there’s eight million people in this city, if you’re not getting laid, you’re a fucking asshole,’ says Joe at the beginning of the five-minute mini-documentary. Which sort of sets the tone.

‘It’s great. You can fuck a different girl whenever you want. I’d go up to any woman here and tell them I want to marry them just for general recreation purposes. I see opportunities and I capitalise on them,’ he adds.

Sounds like the sort of guy we’d want to take back to our grandparents immediately. Ugh.

Check out Joe and his charming antics around Manhattan – ie your today’s WTF moment – right here.

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