Video: Meet The Girl Who Lives On A Houseboat

There's more space than rooms on But you do have to empty the toilet after having a party. We uncover the highs and lows of living a boat

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Being the generation that use our beds to eat, sleep in, and even as a home-screening room, we’re used to just gritting our teeth and baring it. Even if that does mean putting up with housemates from hell.

So this week, we interviewed Katherine Sherry who is doing things her own way, by living on a boat in the middle of Broadway Market. In this latest instalment of Cribs 2.0, our video series exploring the different ways people in the UK are living today, Katherine tell us how it’s worth putting up with emptying her loo after a house-party to live in one of the most unusual places you can get for your money.

Oh, and how the boat only rocks occasionally when she has sex! #bargelife.

If you’re interested in owning or renting your own houseboat, check out Canal River Trust to find out the best places to moor, all over the country.

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