VIDEO: Why Can’t Your Horror Housemate Sort Out His/Her Toilet Habits?

And other real-world questions we're asking in the latest episode of Thinking Out Loud

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by Jess Commons |
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Have you caught any of our Thinking Out Loud videos yet? They're an (even if we say it ourselves) excellent new series in which we get a group of female comedians together, give them booze and get them to talk about the stuff that really matters.

This week it’s all about living in a houseshare. Because no-one would actually choose to do it, right? Sadly though, it's something we’re destined to be doing for like, ever, because no-one can afford a house in the entire world. Except that dickhead from your school who moved the City and walked right into a £80,000 a year job. Whatever. Money can’t buy you friends love.

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Anyways, everyone’s got a housemate story from hell, (I personally really enjoyed the girl in my friend’s halls who stirred bleach into her hummus to punish any potential thieves) so we invited the girls to tell theirs. From piss on the floor to maggots on your face, here they are in all their glory.

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