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Valentine's Day Is The Second Most Popular Time Of Year For Women To Conceive

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It seems we are a nation of romantics with new data from NHS England revealing that the period surrounding Valentine’s Day is the second most popular time of the year for women to conceive, only beaten by Christmas. If you find that every September and November your diary is bursting with birthday invites, this might be the reason why.

The data, obtained from 2015 and based on information from antenatal appointments, found that pregnancy rates were 5% more than the average during the Valentine’s period.

They estimated 16,263 conceptions in England in the week of Valentine's Day and 16,344 the week after. This was only topped by the festive week where approximately 16,872 babies were conceived. To put it into perspective, the weekly average is 15,427 conceptions.

‘Love is most definitely in the air at this time of year and it is fantastic to learn that the NHS sees a mini baby boom nine months later - bringing with it great joy to families across the nation,’ Sarah-Jane Marsh, chair of the maternity transformation programme at NHS England commented.

Interestingly, a fortnight after Valentine’s celebrations conception rates reach an annual low, with a weekly conception of just 14,465.