You Can Now Eat Benedict Cumberbatch’s Face

Cumberbunny anyone?

You Can Now Eat Benedict Cumberbatch's Face

by Aimee Jakes |
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When you thought the world couldn’t possibly get any weirder (note: poo - fuelled cars and Uber Helicopters) you can now buy a 400g chocolate bunny with Benedict Cumberbatch’s face on it.


Okay, so it is kind of genius when you think about it. People really like chocolate – check. People really like bunnies – check. People really like the actor, so much so, that some fans camp outside the Sherlock set – check. So err, naturally the obvious solution was to combine all three and to ultimately give the people what they want.

This was the thinking of Cumberbunny creator/Chocolatier Jen Lindsey-Clark who explains, ‘Everyone loves a bit of the Batch! He’s an interesting character. We decided it would be rather fun to makea mini rabbit version so all the die-hard Cumberfans could get a piece of him.’ Literally.

The 411 on the Cumberbunnies is that they are a bit posh. Think, 400g of Belgian chocolate goodness dusted with edible metallic dust for good measure. A great Easter present for the Cumberfan in your life, although one bunny will set you back 50 squid. Sorry mum, maybe next year.

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