University Students Create ‘You Don’t Say’ Campaign To End Misuse Of Regularly-Used Derogatory Terms

Maybe we're a little too used to hearing some words


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Campaigning to end the use of words like ‘pussy’ and ‘bitch’ may seem a little precious to some people, but maybe that’s because we’re just used to hearing words like these used in a seemingly-harmless way, or at least unintentionally harmless.

Well, it may not be deliberately mean, but a group at an American university has had enough of some words and expressions that are thrown around willy-nilly.

The Blue Devils group at Duke University has teamed up with Think Before You Talk to create a campaign to make you do just that.

The You Don't Say campaign aims to raise awareness about the misuse of words like homo, bitch, and even terms like ‘Man Up’ and ‘That’s so gay’, saying that they ‘dehumanise and marginalise’ not just LGBTQ people, but also both sexes in general.

The campaign is intended to create a conversation around the ‘intersection of language and gender and sexual identities’. It's food for thought, and while you may not be using the words in a vicious way, some people are, so perhaps it's about time we ditch them?


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