You Can Now Brighten Up Your Commute With A ‘Unicorn Cab’

unicorn cab

by Katie Rosseinsky |
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If there’s one thing that we dream of on our morning commute, it’s the prospect of swapping our daily penance in a crowded train carriage for a more fantastical route into work. A chartered helicopter, say, or an old-fashioned cart driven by horses, or better, unicorns, would certainly leave us feeling a little cheerier and less bedraggled in a 9am meeting…

Sound too good to be true? For three days this week, your commuter pipedreams are coming true, as real-life ‘unicorn cabs’ are trotting through the streets of London courtesy of mobile network Three and ZTE. Each ‘unicorn’ (decked out with an appropriately My Little Pony-esque coloured mane) will pull a rainbow-patterned carriage, taking you to your office or morning meeting. Inside, you’ll be able to play around (read: take selfies) with a ZTE Blade V7 handset, and as it’s big enough to seat four, you could even buddy up with colleagues for the ultimate car-pool replacement.

unicorn cab
Unicorn cab

The best bit? A ride in a ‘unicab’ will cost you precisely nothing. Available from Monument tube station on Wednesday 26th, from Southwark tube on Thursday 27th and Canary Wharf DLR on Friday 28th between 7am and 11am, you can book a ride by tweeting @ThreeUK with the name of your pick-up station and your destination, with the hashtag #MagicTogether. Just like Gabrielle told us, dreams can come true…

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