These Uber Driver Horror Stories On Reddit Are… Pretty Horrifying

'Some lady started tailing me and constantly beeping. I freaked out a little and he said "that might be my wife, don't worry she'll stop following soon."'

These Uber Driver Horror Stories On Reddit Are... Pretty Horrifying

by Mollie Wintle |
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Uber horror stories have recently surfaced on a Reddit thread and they're, well, kinda horrific. Puking, stabbing, assualt, robberies - who knew Uber passengers could be so awful? Here are five of the more shocking stories.

This guy who got his seats shredded

'Two weeks ago I drove two young girls home around 3am on a Friday night. Quiet and polite passengers but when they get out I find they've literally stabbed up my back seat and dashcam review shows they were making 'gun hand' gestures at me during the trip.'

This guy who's always having to turn down the party

'Guys, I'm just a college student trying to pay rent. I'm not here to party. No, I can't afford to just get off and join you to the club. I'm working. Respect that.'

This guy who accidentally assisted a robbery

'Two guys tried to use me as a getaway car after robbing a bowling alley. They ran away before the cops showed up and as I was pulling up the cops pulled their guns on me and then put me in handcuffs.'

This guy who now knows not to get married

'Picked up a guy in the middle of the day from a bar, took him to a casino near by. As soon I got on the freeway some lady started tailing me and constantly beeping at me. I freaked out a little and he said "that might be my wife, don't worry she'll stop following soon". She followed us for the whole 20 minute ride, non-stop beeping. Once we got there, he practically jumped out of my car and ran for the door. She followed him in her car, almost hitting him. Last thing he said to me, "don't ever get married!"'

This guy, who had the least chatty passenger ever

'One time someone put a blow up doll with two 40s duct taped to the doll's hands in my passenger seat and said that the Uber was for her. He closed the door and I just drove me and the doll to the destination.'

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