An Uber Driver Charged Sleeping Women £84.95 For ‘5 Minute Journey’

Note to self: never fall asleep in an Uber

An Uber Driver Charged Sleeping Women £84.95 For '5 Minute Journey'

by Alyss Bowen |
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If you woke up to an email from Uber saying you spent a massive £85 on your taxi home the previous night, chances are you’d either, 1) put it down to being extremely drunk, or, 2) something seriously weird happened there.

This is what happened to comedian, Hannah Warman, from London. After a night out in North London, she requested an Uber to take her to her house ten-minutes away. Hannah then fell asleep, as you do when you’ve been out all night at a friend’s party. Unknown to her, the Uber driver decided to take a small detour. And by small we mean a 35-mile detour to the other side of the capital and back. This journey cost Hannah £84.95. This little detour took her on a journey from North London to west, heading towards Ealing, before then doubling back around again and ending up at her home in Stoke Newington. Sorry what now.

Hannah told The Independent: 'I had been drinking a bit and must have fell asleep. I remember thinking it was taking a while, but I assumed maybe it was a new driver and he was lost…It wasn’t until the next morning, when I received an email receipt showing the route, that I realised what happened.’

Not only would that bill send you into a panic attack, but the thought of being in a taxi for an hour and a half without any recollection of what happened is pretty scary. Uber have now refunded the full £84.95, but didn’t offer any kind of apology or reassure Hannah that they would give the driver a warning. So, note to self, never, ever fall asleep in an Uber.

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