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You Can Get A Free Taxi Home If Your Valentine’s Date Is Terrible

© Rex

Or if he doesn't look remotely like his Tinder profile picture...

Let’s set the scene here.

You’ve managed to bag yourself a date just in time for Valentine’s Day. Hoorah!

You swiped right because you quite liked the picture of him with a tiger from when he went travelling last summer. And there's a rather sweet one of him with a child... You're pretty sure the baby is not his own offspring so the picture makes him look pretty caring, right? He must have nurturing qualities you assure yourself.

But when he turns up, he looks nothing like said pictures. You’re surrounded by heart-shaped paraphernalia, glowing candles and are halfway through a bottle of wine. SOS.

Surely you can’t make up a false emergency and exit the building on the most romantic day of the year?

Well, this Valentine’s Day rest assured that we have a back up plan. Ubeeqo is an app which is offering free taxi journeys home for anyone based in London when a friend calls with a ‘problem’ on Tuesday evening.

So if it turns out the child in the Tinder pictures is in fact his own, simply download the app and head home.

After all, Ben and Jerry's has never let anyone down.

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