Two Girls One Cock…Roach Is Our New Obsession

How can 11 seconds be so addictive?

Two Girls One Cock...Roach Is Our New Obsession

by Sophie Wilkinson |
Published on

Fed up with watching your mates argue about politics via social media? Bored of the tug of war you’re having with some other mates over which pub to meet at this weekend? Tired of email chains or homework or studying or anything? Then delight in the simple beauty of Japanese television:

Two girls, one cockroach is what we’re going to keep on calling it (we’re sure it must have a better name over in Japan... hopefully), and we appreciate its existence – like, if you’re going to make pretty people eat insects on TV so you can laugh at them, why bother with all the faux-suspense of I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here? Why not just get them to gobble up an unsuspecting insect?

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