Two Australian Socialites Celebrate Escape From Assault Charges With Rap Sing-A-Long

In what's reading like a real-life Mean Girls, Gabriela Cevallos and Bethany Heagney had a bust-up with a former friend over some clothes…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Two Australian socialites are celebrating their narrow escape from assault charges in fine social media style, posting a video to Instagram of them lipsyncing to DJ Khaled’s All I Do Is Win. Bikini model Gabriela Cevallos, 30, and ex-marketing manager Bethany Heagney, 28, were charged with the assault of former friend (frenemy?) Jasmine Keomanivong, after a bust-up over some clothes.

Jasmine told Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney that the pair accused her of stealing clothes from a fashion show and then started punching her outside a restaurant last year. But Gabriela said that the whole thing was started by Jasmine: ‘She started talking about my friend Anna, the fashion show and the stealing of the clothes. Bethany called her a lying, thieving bitch… Then Jasmine punched Bethany.' Bethany backed this up: ‘I was punched to the face… I punched her back, I thought she was going to keep hitting me.’

So far, so Mean Girls-meets-*Bling Ring, *right? Except when this fight eventually got to court Jasmine’s claims about the scuffle didn’t hold up – she conceded there were at least four errors in her accounts of what happened – and Magistrate Barko said that the defendants were ‘more reliable and credible witnesses’. Ouch.

As well as uploading their post-court celebration to Instagram, Bethany has also uploaded a video of her and her #BFF leaving court, and Gabriela uploaded a photo of The Telegraph Australia’s story on them, along with the caption ‘After 2 years of being accused of some serious allegations our names have finally been cleard #bffforlife #thankful.’ And it’s got 200 likes already. Nothing says victory like Insta-approval, right?

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