We Try On All The Non-Boring Work Suits On The High Street So You Don’t Have To

It's time to suit up, ladies and gentlemen

We Try On All The Non-Boring Work Suits On The High Street So You Don't Have To

by Alyss Bowen |
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Suits are having a bit of a moment right now, FYI. Take one tiny step inside Topshop, Zara, Whistles – you name a shop – and they’ve put a suit on it (or more in their shops). While they may not be on the cheap side, they do mean you have like three outfits for the price of one (think trousers minus blazer, blazer over dresses, you get the picture).

But if, like me, you tend to dress like a 12-year-old boy and have a bit of a fear of going w.i.l.d in the suit front, dressing ‘adult’ doesn’t come easy. So, here’s five suits for when you want to fool people into thinking you’re a professional.

1.The oversized suit from Topshop

When I showed my friend this picture her first words were ‘It’s…erm…a bit baggy’. Yes, yes it is and that’s music to my ears. Tight clothes give me heart palpitations and this suit is easy, breezy and you could probably eat an entire bucket of KFC but no one would know because nothing’s clinging onto your stomach. Winner winner chicken dinner.


Check tonic suit blazer, £60, check tonic suit trouser £40, Adidas t-shirt £22

**2.The flared 70s suit from Mango **

This one took a bit of convincing, to myself, in Mango’s changing room. It felt very ‘power dressing on a business trip’. Like you could hop on a private jet to LA because that’s the type of life you would leave in this suit, minus the trainers.

This one isn't online for some weird reason, but there's a similar blazer for £27.99 (hello sale) and trousers for £39,99, all Mango

**3.The ‘skirt suit’ from Zara **

I cheated here, this one probably isn’t a suit. It’s actually a co-ord but who says suits have to be trousers? It’s very Cher in Clueless and if that’s not a good thing then I really don’t know what is. I almost brought it, but then I remembered I had no money, so sadly it’s still in Zara and not my wardrobe.

The blazer is £49.99 and the skirt is £29.99, Zara

4.The classic black one from H&M

I mean, if you’re going to don a suit it should probably be done in black, right? I felt like an extra in Suits in this one. Unfortunately not as sexy as Rachel the parrelegal but still, ready to take on the world of law and earn some big bucks. H&M also do this in blue so if blacks a bit too boring for you, have no fear.

The jacket is £24.99 and the trousers are £14.99 (although they had a sticker on them for £10, score)

**5.The one you could get away with wearing at a wedding from Reiss **

The colour of this one made my heart sing, even if I’m not sure if green is my colour (pale skin + pale clothes = just no) but it was dead fancy and Reiss has always been a bit of a suit mecca so naturally I had to try it on. It felt soft to touch and I wanted to wear it forever but I was scared of creasing/spilling something down it. So I took it off and am back to dressing like a 12-year-old. The end.

The blazer is £225 (pricy, we know), the trousers are £120and the shirt is £80

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