Trumpkin: When Halloween, Donald Trump And Twitter Collide

Halloween’s getting political with these Donald Trump-carved pumpkins so, yup, now #trumpkins are trending

Trumpkin: When Halloween, Donald Trump And Twitter Collide

by Delphine Chui |
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The actual practice of carving pumpkins originated in Ireland hundreds of years ago FYI. It’s all based on some creepy-ass folklore about a man named Stingy Jack who made a deal with the devil, later tricking him by carving a cross in a tree trunk. Anyway, the Irish used to make jack-o-lanterns out of large turnips and potatoes until Irish immigrants discovered pumpkins in America - and a global tradition was born.

Immigrants you say? Yes, so, the next natural progression is to talk about Mr. Donald Trump obviously. We’re already a little bit obsessed with Jemima Khan’s Halloween costume (she went to the Unicef Halloween ball as Melania Trump, complete with an inflatable groping Donald attached to her, and papers that read ‘Michelle Obama's Convention Speech) but now, we’ve moved onto our love (and equal fear) of trumpkins.

This Halloween, social media is going crazy for Trump’o’-lanterns. Think about it, it’s perfect. Pumpkins are already orange so you've got your base right from the get to and Donald Trump is certainly more terrifying than any old folklore. Last year, professional pumpkin carver Hugh McMahon put Trump's face on the squash plant and this year, trumpkins have become an internet phenomenon.

Eerily realistic if you ask us...

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