Did Trump Fudge The Figures From His Medical Exam To Avoid The ‘Obese’ BMI Category?

Why everyone is talking about Donald Trump’s height right now

Did Trump Fudge The Figures From His Medical Exam To Avoid The ‘Obese’ BMI Category?

by Annie Simon |

Trump had his first formal medical examination since taking office and his doctor has publically proclaimed his ‘excellent health’. Yet some people are unconvinced that the details shared by his doctor on Tuesday are entirely accurate.

Navy doctor Ronny Jackson, who administered the physical examination, reported that Trump is 6’3” and 239 pounds. This gives him a BMI of 29.8, making him overweight. His BMI is also (conveniently) just shy of obesity. An inch shorter, or a pound heavier and Trump would be classed as medically obese.

So it’s pretty strange that the president was measured at 6’3” despite his driving license stating his height at 6’2”. Weird that.

Somehow, the 71-year-old president has managed to gain an inch of height, despite the fact that most men tend to lose at least one inch between the ages of 30-70. How Donald? HOW?

Thankfully we have Twitter on hand to investigate the matter, with the report sparking off ‘girther’ conspiracies (with Twitter users playing off on Trump’s racist ‘birther’ conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Kenya and therefore ineligible for US presidency).

Several users tweeted pictures of Trump standing next to Obama, who is listed at a height of 6’1”.

People are also having a lot of fun comparing Trump’s physique to those of athletes listed with similar height and weight measurements.

We don’t know what scale Trump’s doctor was using…but something seems a little dodgy about these figures.

At the conference revealing the details of the medical examination, a reporter speculated on how Trump manages to maintain his supposed ‘excellent health’ despite his love of fast food, lack of exercise, and predominantly sedentary lifestyle. ‘It’s called genetics,’ the physician replied, ‘he has incredible genes.’ Jackson then went on to say that if Trump had kept a healthier diet over the past 20 years he’d probably have lived to be 200. Lol, okay Donald.

If you’re starting to doubt Trump’s doctor, you may be interested to know that he also declared the president to be in 'excellent' mental health, and said he had ‘no concerns’ about Trump’s cognitive ability…

Guess we can’t blame that ‘shithole countries’ comment on his mental health then. Apparently, he’s just racist.

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