It Took Us 3 Minutes To Register To Vote. We Vined It. Now It’s Your Turn

We vined ourselves registering to vote. It's so easy. Take a look, and do it yourself yeah?

It Took Us 3 Minutes To Register To Vote. We Vined It. Now It's Your Turn

by Stevie Martin |

You’ve got until 20 April to register to vote, and if you don’t do this then we’re going to come round your house and sit on you. Why? Because you’ve got the power to vote, so use it – even if that means spoiling your ballot paper (Rick Edwards wrote a great piece on voting that you need to read) – plus, there’s only six days left to vote and it’s SO EASY TO REGISTER.

So easy that I did it in two minutes – three, because it took me a minute to find a payslip and grab my National Insurance number. That’s the only thing you need, unless you get stumped by questions such as ‘What's your name’ and ‘What’s your date of birth?’.

Check it out if you don’t believe me (by the time you’ve finished reading this article you could have already done it, mate). Go here to register, and then buy yourself a nice cake to celebrate or something.

NB: One of the questions asks if you want to be on a second electorate list, which just means that your data can be bought and sold by outside companies. Feel free to say no (I did) and continue eating that cake/celebrating.

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