Today’s The Least Romantic Day Of The Year. Good Times.

It's the least, romantic time of the yeeeeear

Today's The Least Romantic Day Of The Year. Good Times.

by Chemmie Squier |
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The festive season is when relationships really come into their own. If you’ve been ambivalent about the whole thing for the last six months, it’s now that you’re really bloody glad that you’re coupled-up because it’s always easier to face short days, long nights and grey weather with someone else, right?

Since August you’ve probably noticed a rush of people attempting to settle down (gross) before winter hits but now, dating has plateaued because who has time for that when you're nursing a constant mulled wine hangover and office party regrets? No one, that’s who.

That’s why it’s no suprise that today, Wednesday 9 December, has been named the least romantic day of the year. The study by dating site eHarmony and The Future Foundation used three indicators to measure a day’s romanticism: daily Google search data for dating terms like 'dating venues', social media mentions of these phrases and traffic to eHarmony, which together provide the day with a ‘score’. An average day scores 28/100 – apparently we’re just not the romantic generally – but today comes in at a very poor 21.2.

They’ve put this down to a number of things: the cold, being busy with Christmas shopping or not wanting to partner up because it means having to get the person a present. All valid reasons, tbf. Take it on the chin and accept that now until the new year is basically a dating hiatus. Chill out, get some extra layers via mince pies and Celebrations, hook-up with a work mate and lets revisit it come January.

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