Today Is The Most Likely Day We Will Cheat On Our Loved One, Apparently



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Er, hold onto yer men/women because today they’re probably going to cheat on you – according to a highly scientific study. While 2 January is dubbed divorce day – presumably due to a shit Christmas spent arguing, and a ‘New Year, New Me’ mentality – 5 January is the best day to start having an affair. Which probs makes today the worst Monday ever. Woohooo.

A new report by extra-marital dating site IllicitEncounters (so it’s in no way biased or for PR purposes) shows that today is the most popular time for thinking about getting it on with someone other than your husband, apparently due to ‘cabin fever’ and the issues that arise from spending loads of time with someone you’re already having problems with (ie the festive period). It follows research that one in three people feel like they married the wrong person, which just adds to the stack of really happy, cheering studies attached to the site geared towards splitting up marriages.

According to another study, published in 2013, people are most like to cheat in the late afternoon – as our ability to resist tempation flags as the day continues. If you put these two studies together, then you’ve got yourself a right shit Monday afternoon.

Basically, when it gets to around 2pm, it’d be a good idea to start calling your boyf/girlf every five minutes just to check they aren’t getting busy in the office supplies cupboard with a co-worker.

Or you could just pass this off as a load of bollocks, of course.

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