You Can Now Visit The Titanic Wreckage

‘Fewer people have visited the wreckage than the number who have been to space or summited Mt. Everest...’


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It’s one of the most tragic tales of time. On April 15th 1912, the RMS Titanic sank 13,000 ft to the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 1,500 people lost their lives in the tragedy, as the ship embarked on a voyage from Southampton to New York.

More than a century later, the story still captivates the imagination of the public and now, for the first time in over a decade, you can visit the Titanic wreckage.

According to The Telegraph, Luxury British tour-operator Blue Marble Private has announced that it will launch exclusive diving trips down to the wreckage in 2018. Nine adventurers can bag a spot on each trip and will begin the once-in-a-lifetime experience by helicopter or seaplane from St Johns, Newfoundland.

Guests will have the chance to take part in orientation lessons and can even ‘assist’ the crew in planning a dive by using the undersea navigation system. Visitors will also be taught about the ship’s workings by guest explorers, scientists and the expedition crew.

On days three to six, the expedition really begins however, as guests will have the chance to board a submersible to see the remains of the Titanic.

Dives will take place through the day or night depending on weather conditions, giving guests the chance to catch a glimpse of the ship's iconic grand staircase, made memorable by the cult film of course.

According to Blue Marble Private's site, 'Far fewer people have visited the wreck of the Titanic than the number who have been to space or summited Mt. Everest.'

The trip will become available to book in summer 2019. It will come at a cost however, as tickets will set you back £86,500. This is the equivalent of the $4,350 first-class ticket passengers purchased to sail on the Titanic’s maiden voyage back in 1912.

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