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How To Beat The Post-Glastonbury Blues

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Glastonbury 2017 will draw to a close this evening and festival-goers will soon have no choice but to embark on the dreaded commute home, glitter-laden backpacks and mud-trodden Hunter wellies in tow.

But how do you adjust to ordinary life after a weekend of stellar music, cracking weather and cider for breakfast?

Europe's leading meditation expert, Will Williams, has some must-know tips on how to handle the inevitable Glastonbury withdrawal symptoms...

1. Make Your Environment Brighter

After enjoying one of the most highly-anticipated events in the social calendar, it's not going to be easy adjusting to everyday life. Will recommends 'opening blinds and curtains for an extra dose of sunshine' to help boost your mood when back at home.

2. Catch Up On Sleep

We couldn't think of a better solution either. Will suggests catching up on sleep and recuperating as soon as you're home. He adds, "If you do find that your post-partying sleep is fragmented, try not to check the clock or reach for your phone."

3. Head For A Food Shop

No more beers for breakfast folks! Will recommends shopping for proven mood-boosting foods such as chicken, fish and turkey. Also, snack on nuts and plenty of dark green leafy vegetables.

4. Exercise

No matter how tempting it is to climb under the duvet post-Glastonbury, it's important to get some fresh air. Will recommends walking to help combat the festival blues.

6. Curate The Perfect Mood-Boosting Spotify Playlist

Okay, so it's not exactly the same as seeing Radiohead live. But a 2013 study proved that listening to upbeat music dramatically improves your mood. So get curating the perfect playlist...

If you're interested in attending one of Will Williams' meditation classes, simply show your Glastonbury wristband next week to receive 20 percent off.

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