A Few Tiny Ways In Which TV Is Ruining Our Lives

As if we weren't unstable enough already.


by Jess Commons |
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According to the guys over at Panasonic, TV watching is ruing our lives. The survey, which spoke to more than 2000 people feel left out of their social group if they don't watch a show. Obviously. Is there anything worse that showing up to work the day after Made in Chelseanot knowing what Binks, Myttons and Spenny got up to? Probably not. Here are some other silly things our TV obsession is making us do.

Panic about things that don’t actually matter

Fucking hell, in the grand scheme of things we know there’s wider issues to focus on; a dwindling economy, rising house prices, food shortages etc but right now all we can think about is that it’s been 72 hours since Orange Is The New Black was released on Netflix and that means there’s a thirteen hour commitment holding us back from being the smug know-it-all bastard who can nod knowingly to our friend waxing lyrical about episode 4 while saying, ‘Just you wait until the next one…’

Avoid our housemates

Ergh, is there anything more annoying that having to make small talk with your housemate when all you really want to do is climb back into the arse-groove you've created in your matress and check in with whatever Cersei, Daenerys and the rest of the gang are up to? Recently though you've worked out the tiny window of time when your housemate take her nightly shower which is just enough time to heat up some soup in the kitchen before scurrying up to your room and locking the door from the inside. It's not rude, it's tactical.

Forget how to talk to our best friends

Mmm, yeah it’s really nice Sally’s got a new boyfriend and that Hannah’s got a promotion at work but it’s not enough to stop you from drumming you fingers on the table and wishing you could get back to Nashville. What’s worse is they don’t even watch the show so they don’t want to talk about it. Instead you listen with a tight smile fixed on your face waiting until you can shoehorn country music into the conversation as a chance to mention ‘this great little show they’ve GOT to watch’.

Ignore our real friends for fellow binge watchers

You’ve finally been coaxed out of the house for your best friend’s birthday. It’s tough but made a lot easier when you meet her cousin’s flatmate who, if you’re honest, you wouldn’t normally give the time of day to. Luckily, he’s a massive House of Cards nerd and you two get on like a house on fire. Which is great, until you realise your best mate’s gone home, it’s 2AM and everyone’s mad at you.

‘Borrow’ banter material from others

Fucking hell, it’s all gone wrong. You stayed late at work and missed Game of Thrones. Luckily the girl next to you on the bus was whinging on about it to her mate this morning and while you were able to stop yourself overhearing any big spoilers, you did hear something Tyrion said that was top lols which you're totally going to use later on in real life conversation. Well informed and funny. What a winner you'll be.

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