Tinder’s New Algorithm Promises A 12% Higher Success Rate

The dating app has just launched a new smart photo process that shows your best photos first

Tinder’s New Algorithm Promises A 12% Higher Success Rate

by Delphine Chui |

Tinder is definitely trying its hardest to have a revival. First they partnered up with Spotify to let you add music to your profile so you can bond with your swipee over your mutual love for Justin Bieber (or, someone way cooler that we just can’t think of right now) and now, they’ve launched ‘smart photos.’

What is it? Good question. It basically keeps track of what photos are getting the best response on your profile. Apparently users will enjoy a 12% increase in matches thanks to the technology, but do you really want Tinder choosing your profile photo for you? I mean, it’s like we’ve now all got our own personal data research team studying the science of our swipes - and people pay big bucks for that kind of stuff.

But depending on how much thought you’ve put into your profile, your photo selection and order might just tell a story, which this system will completely mess with. Like, maybe you’ve begun with ‘hey, look how approachable I am in this candid’, followed by ‘and see! Dogs love me’ only to end with a ‘this is how on point I look when I go out out’ group photo – and you might want to keep it in that order.

Or, maybe, you just want more right swipes, which is totally fine, and sensible, too. In which case, this algorithm will help you get them. If you want to beat the system completely by putting your most popular photo up first, though, resident Tinder sociologist, Jessica Carbino, has some tips for you: smile, don’t cover up your face in any way, don’t be in a group and don’t wear a hat or glasses of any kind.

Ugh, sounds a bit like a passport photo to us. Maybe we will just let the app decide for us then.

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