Tinder Says It’s Not Full Of Married People. Phew.

A survey last week said 42% of Tinder users are married or in a relationship. Tinder now come out and said this is a big fat not true...

Tinder Says It’s Not Full Of Married People. Phew.

by Victoria Beardwood |
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From the Tinder dates I’ve been on – ranging from the wholly unspectacular to the downright weird - the idea that it’s actually possible to use the app to find someone with whom you can develop a successful relationship is beyond me. Still, I was optimistic that it could be done. The news last week that 42% of Tinder users are either married or in a relationship (and so probably not the best candidates for Mr Right) however, served only to quash any hope I had.

Luckily, Tinder has come out and put the company responsible for the research in its place. Not only has it said the results from the GlobalWebIndex (GWI) study are inaccurate, it’s also dissed their methodology. There’s nothing worse than a methodology burn - that’s got to sting.

Although GWI has said the research was based on 47,622 Internet users, around 47,000 of those don’t actually use Tinder (nice work GWI). Tinder has said the study involved only 681 people and isn’t representative of the app’s key demographic, so shouldn’t be taken seriously. For the sake of current and future relationships everywhere, I really hope Tinder is right on this one.

Whatever the case - married or not - the regular Tinder user might not be able to afford their habit for long, what with all those dinners and drinks coupled with the rise of The Tinder Games, a competition that involves women going on Tinder and seeing who can get one of their matches to pay for and send them a pizza first.

I’ve certainly taken a free dinner – as compensation - from a guy who talked at me about drunk times with his mates and then expected me to sleep with him, and a couple of drinks from the delightful man who spent the majority of the date talking about his fear of little people. If someone was similarly offensive on the app, I’d probably have few qualms about asking him to send me over a large pepperoni with extra cheese, so serial Tinder daters who offer to foot the bill might run into some financial trouble whilst in pursuit of someone to hold at night.

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