You Can Now Virtually Throw A Drink At Your Tinder Match

Tinder is on a bid to banish douchebags

Tinder Reactions drink throwing

by Eleanor Lee |

As if GIFs, emojis and Super Likes weren’t enough, Tinder has now launched their latest messaging update. Tinder Reactions allows you to interact with your matches in a whole new way. The update comes as part of Tinder’s ‘Menprovement Initiative’, which has been designed to ‘to give women all the tools they need to deal with douchebags.’ Sounds great.

Tinder Reactions includes eight new reactions that you can send to your matches, five of which are exclusive to women. The update follows in the footsteps of the recent iMessages update in that when you send a reaction, it will come to life on the recipient’s screen.

Although there are some cute floaty hearts and an encouraging round of applause, our favourite reactions are the ones that are exclusive to women. You’ve got everything you need to deter a weird match at your fingertips.

It goes without saying that Tinder Reactions, much like the introduction of GIFs, are a new, fun way to flirt with your matches, however, is it really going to help stop the annoyingly sleazy men we all encounter once in a while? Throwing a virtual drink in someone’s face is all well and good but it doesn’t get to the bottom of disrespectful, persistent Tinder users.

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