What Is The ‘Burnt Toast Theory’? The TikTok Phenomenon Explained

Are you struggling to navigate setbacks? TikTok’s ‘Burnt Toast Theory’ could help

burnt toast theory

by Aaliyah Harry |
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Sometimes it's hard to look on the bright side of life - especially when most of us have endured such a tumultuous few years. From a global pandemic to acost of living crisis - we've seen it all. But TikTok's latest 'Burnt toast theory' is attempting to brighten our days. If you feel like you've been dealt a bad hand, it's often easy to believe you're destined to be miserable or even cursed when you're treated to more bad luck - however, this theory might actually help you think more positively.

What is the 'Burnt Toast theory' on TikTok?

‘The burnt toast’ theory, that’s currently doing the rounds on the social media platform, is the idea that when something annoying or frustrating happens – like burning your morning toast – it’s because it’s part of a bigger plan. At its core, the Burnt Toast theory is about reframing life’s inconveniences and failures, and embracing the belief that everything that happens is part of a bigger plan for your life. It’s about giving reason to the moments of frustration. We know TikTok has a new trend every week, but this one certainly makes sense.

In a post that has gone viral on the social media platform, TikToker Ingrid shared the meaning behind it. Ingrid relays in her video, 'I recently learned about the burnt toast theory and it's really been helping me accept things that are out of my control.'

Explaining the concept, she continued, 'Burnt toast theory is the idea that if you burn your toast before work and it adds five to 10 minutes to your trip, it's actually saving you from something catastrophic. Maybe saving you from a car accident. Maybe saving me from someone who you don't want to run into. But this is the idea that inconveniences in our lives, or when something releases us in the universe, it's either saving us from something more detrimental or pushing us in the direction that we need to go in.'

She continues, 'I've often struggled with accepting things that are out of my control and I've struggled with being an anxious person at times. But adopting this and really thinking about it when I might be upset about something that is out of my control has really grounded me and allowed me to just have a little bit more peace in my life.'

The TikToker adds, 'Of course, you won't know exactly what the burnt toast has saved you from, but that's not the point. The point is to allow you to accept things in life that are completely out of your control. Give you more peace and ground you.'

Another TikToker, Keirstin, explains how the theory has reframed the way she views dating - claiming that since she started using the burnt toast theory, her life has become exponentially better. 'If somebody ghosts you, great, they just spared you from their inability to communicate,' she says. 'Someone tells you they're just not feeling it? Awesome. Frees you up to find someone who is.' Through her take on the theory it highlights that the burnt toast theory is also about sometimes accepting that when bad things happen, you might not know exactly why, but you simply have to trust that it was done for your greater good.

Does the 'Burnt Toast theory' work?

Well, this hasn't actually be proven as it's not exactly scientific, but social media seem to be loving the theory and the encouragement to look at the positives of life. One TikTok user commented, ' Yes, it's all about trusting the process - love this.' Whilst another user wrote, 'Totally! We ran 10mins late going home from a holiday a couple of years ago and I was so mad at the time. But if we did, we would have been in a 7 car pile up.'

It's even spread beyond TikTok with X users ( formerly Twitter) embracing the theory. One user wrote,'Embracing the burnt toast theory has really made it easier to cope with the sheer unpredictability of the last few months in my life.'

To some, TikTok theories may seem silly but we’re all for anything that helps us cope with life’s bumps. If we need to make up narratives in our heads to make sense of the overwhelming tangle that is our lives sometimes, then so be it!

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