Three Words That Millennials Are Totally Not Using Anymore


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Eat your heart out Cher Horowitz, because "totally" is on a hit list of phrases that millennials are - well, totally over.

Columnist John Brandon has drawn together a somewhat tongue-in-cheek edit of words that are on their way out with generation X.

"Extract them from your emails and conversations or you will end up sounding a bit dated, out of touch, and maybe even not that relevant anymore," he writes, on Business Insider.

Here are three words he says are well past their sell-by date. Use them at your peril...


Cher might have been a total betty who was totally buggin' over the fact she was totally and utterly clueless, but this three-syllable denotion of emphatic assent is no longer in vogue.

"I hear older folks saying 'totally' way more than the younger set," notes Brandon.


The word "cool" is no longer cool. Or trendy. Or hip. Or any other word that would make it deeply not cool.

"Everyone says 'cool' in every generation, but it's falling out of favour with millennials. It's a dad word," writes Brandon.


Traditionally used as a means of saying "I hear you" or even "I agree", right is apparently wrong among millennials now.

"For starters, they seem to use body language instead--if they are paying attention and not using a phone, they are basically saying 'right' to you," says Brandon.

Read the full article on Business Insider.

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