Thousands Protest In Dublin Against Abortion Laws Following Horrific Case Of Raped Woman

The way women are treated by the Catholic country's government was being demonstrated against by pro-choice groups after a suicidal woman was forced to have a c-section delivery of a child of rape as an abortion wasn't granted...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Up to 2,000 people protested last night in the centre of Dublin to oppose Ireland's stringent abortion laws.

In the past week, it emerged that a woman who fell pregnant after being raped requested an abortion, but wasn't allowed one even though she was suicidal. She was forced to bring the foetus to term, and then the baby was delivered via Caesarean section. Which is ridiculously invasive if you think that this woman never wanted to have sex in the first instance, let alone a baby.

In Ireland, abortion is banned; only recently after a high profile case of another woman dying after being refused an abortion was it made legal for abortions if a woman's life was at risk. However, even though the woman in this more recent case was suicidal - with her own life at risk - she was forced to have the baby.

This is all because the 8th Amendment of the Constitution, which was voted for by some 800,000 people back in 1981 in the mainly Catholic country.

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But following this recent news, many people are rising up to say that they're not happy with the way women are being treated. Protestors - gathered together from pro-choice groups like Choice Ireland and the Abortion Rights campaign, held signs aloft which read things like: 'Raped, Pregnant, Suicidal, Forced C-Section – Ireland 2014' and 'I’m not a vessel'.

The aim was to demonstrate against 'the horrendous treatment' of the woman.

Michael McDermott, a protestor who said the woman's treatment was 'disgraceful' explained to**: 'It must have been overwhelming for her. Women definitely need more protection, and it's up to the State to protect its people and they're really not following through with that duty.'

Lisa Campion, another protestor, said: 'I’m one of these people who read in the newspapers all about this kind of stuff, but it just got to the point where I feel I have to come out and make a statement.

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'It’s gotten to the point where we need to make sure that they know we’re not happy with the way things are going.'

Any news on a potential referendum is way off, though, with the Irish Prime Minister yet to comment on this case, which has shocked people across the world.

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