Things It’s Okay To Do When You’ve Found Out Your Boyfriend’s Cheating On You

Number one: join forces with the other woman...


by Amelia Phillips |
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Most women would find it hard to forgive someone who had been sleeping with other women, but unfortunately for Steve Frazer, not his exes. Having disovered that they were both being two-timed by him (with each other), they joined forces to bring him down.

Hanging from a motorway bridge near the Angel of the North this morning was a red and yellow banner, reading 'Steve Frazer, you're dumped by both your girlfriends.' Also on the banner were a photograph of a weary-looking Steve and a smiling selfie of the two girls, who look so scarily alike that they could be sisters.

The banner was quickly removed but not quick enough to save Steve's reputation, having already been seen by thousands heading north towards Gateshead and Newcastle.

Karma or a step too far? Here's five other ways of getting revenge, from the passive to the destructive.

  1. Live well

The only real way to get revenge is also the easiest: just get on with having a brilliant life. It's also the most boring way to get revenge.

  1. Make friends with the person your partner cheated on you with

Exes will hate you if you do this and they might also start thinking that you are weird and desperate. But in some ways, in can be quite cathartic. It might not be a good idea to be having sleepovers every weekend, but talking to the person who you at one point felt most threatened by can help you to clarify what happened and direct your blame at the right person.

  1. Sleep with one of their friends

They probably shouldn't be too close a friend, just someone in their peripheral vision. Status and looks are good things to go for when attemping to create feelings of worthlessness and jealousy in your ex.

  1. Put bleach or glue in their shampoo

Matilda is a shining example of how revenge is perfectly acceptable for the intelligent and funny. Leaving an ex with coarse ginger hair would be a fitting end to a crap relationship.

  1. Burn all their clothes and return them in a glass jar

Finally, why not take a leaf out of this woman's book. On finding out that her boyfriend was a bit of a cheat, the 'Revenge Lady' decided to return his belongings in the equivalent of a zip file. 'I walked out to the car park, took his clothes out of my car, and put them in a pile on the ground. My best friend and I laughed and cried as we set a match to his precious possessions and watched them go up in flames! We waited until they were a mere mound of ashes, which I then collected in a glass jar. Taking the jar inside the pub with me, I spied him standing at the bar with all his friends gathered around. I walked over to him, slammed the jar full of ashes down on the bar in front of him and exclaimed "There's your fucking clothes!"' What a woman.

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