The Things You Only Know When You Live With Your Sister In Your Twenties

Now you've got all that teenage angst out of the way, it's possible you might just be each other's perfect housemate. Here's why...

The Things You Only Know When You Live With Your Sister In Your Twenties

by Emma Barlow |
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For most of your teenage years you hated living with your sister. This was mainly because she was all about listening to R&B and wearing hoop earrings, which totally clashed with your predisposition for angsty indie boys and wearing flared elephant cords (every bit as horrible-looking as they sound). However, as you head deeper into your twenties you’ve become more similar, as if your personalities have met somewhere in the middle and – happily for your parents who now only have to visit one messy South London flat instead of two – you’ve discovered you are actually each other’s perfect housemate. Here’s why…

It’s totally fine to steal their things

Ironically, after years of being dressed identically by your mum (and hating every matching-leggings-and-sweatshirt-combo-minute of it) by the time you’re living together in your twenties, you’ll actually want to dress like each other. Thankfully, as you’re sisters this is totally fine. Sis not in? Go for a rummage in her wardrobe. Try on all her shoes while you’re there. This behaviour could be frowned upon in a normal house-share but with your darling sissy, it’s totally fine.

However, when they steal your things you will have a meltdown

Of course, nabbing her stuff is all well and good…until the shoe is on the other foot.

‘I HATE it when Ros steals my stuff,’ says Izzy. ‘I had a first date recently and had an outfit planned that I knew would look smokin’ hot. But could I find my brand new denim button through skirt that morning? No, because my sister had decided to wear it to work and take with it my chance of future happiness. Although after an epic tirade of insults over text she actually bought it over to my work during her lunch break. Thanks sis.’

There will never be any tension over housework (you’ll just yell at each other instead)

This is far and away the best part of living with your own flesh and blood…

‘My sister Lauren is a little messy and sometimes I’ll use up all the milk but if it’s bothering us we tend to let it out right away!’ says Lisa. ‘We’ve had massive shouting matches and called each other fairly grim things over who ate a shitty frozen pizza before but then we’re back to being BFFs a couple of minutes later! It’s much better than all the passive aggressive post-its and hiding food in bedrooms that I’ve experienced in other house-shares. I don’t think I could go back to that.’

They will always be brutally honest about your choice of outfit/ boyfriend

Whether it’s a guy I managed to chat up at the Tropical Disco at Glastonbury at 3am or a Tinder date I’m genuinely interested in, my sister Sarah will always ask the same thing… ‘Is he a freak? OK. But is he normal?’ Granted, I do have some form for choosing wildly inappropriate dudes or just plain douchebags and at this point in time I think Sarah is possibly convinced my ‘weirdo radar’ is broken forever. The point is, in the comfort of our little flat, she will never hold back from saying what most of my friends will only be politely thinking.

Talking of which, every guy you bring home will be forced to ‘meet the family’

You may try your best not to make it seem like a big deal but the fact is, you really care what your sister thinks about your choice of date, which is lucky (for you) because every guy who comes home with you is going to have your face her.

‘If my sister meets a bloke I’ve brought home for the first time there will always be a moment where I find an excuse to sneak off and see if the guy has passed the all important Nancy Seal of Approval,’ says Emily. ‘If he’s hot, he’s probably not going anywhere that night but there have been times when Nance has been so horrified that I’ve got rid of them there and then!’

You will constantly be asked ‘how IS it living with your sister?’

Whenever it comes up in conversation, the subject of you living with your sister will be the cause of genuine concern and/or curiosity.

‘The most common reaction I get is one of jealousy,’ says Billie. ‘I have tons of mates who have siblings but they know they wouldn’t be able to live together. I think the fact that me and my sister get on so well kind of freaks them out but, ultimately, they would love to be close enough to be able to hang out and live together with their sisters.’

Sometimes you will be really sweet to each other

Flat mates and best mates look after each other too, but you can never really let yourself go like you can with your sister.

‘There have been times when I have not been able to leave the sofa. I’m either ill, a bit sad or both but whatever it is, I know that Rachel understands that not showering for 48 hours and having dried snot down my t-shirt is just something I have to go through every now and again,’ says Fi. ‘She won’t judge but instead she might cancel her plans and set about making our mum’s chicken casserole or crack open a bottle of red. If you ask me…that’s love.’

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