29 Things Clumsy Girls Can Relate To

Things Clumsy People Know To Be True


by Lauren Smith |
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At Grazia HQ, there are a lot of clumsy people. We all had stories to share about being a bit of a klutz, so we compiled a list for all the clumsy girls out there to unite in our inability to hold things without dropping them, walking without tripping up, and keeping an iPhone for more than two weeks.

  1. You're not allowed to wear white as you will spill coffee/bolognese on it


  1. You could fall at any moment over your own feet

  2. You're not allowed bottled beer because it will fizz over

  3. A trip to the gym is like bring on Ninja Warrior - every time you visit, you find yourself in mild peril

  4. The man at the dodgy phone shop knows you personally because you break your iPhone so much

  5. You've put plasters on your phone as you've resided yourself to the fact that you'll only break it again if you get it fixed (currently two)

  6. You have hit yourself in the face at least once. Once with a rounders bat during games

  7. You find yourself walking into lamposts daily

  8. Pavement cracks are a daily menace

  9. Your attempts to "play it cool" with the person you fancy are often thwarted


  1. People regularly shout "enjoy your trip" at you in the street.

  2. You've had some hairy moments with escalators

  3. And getting your arms stuck in the train door. Actually, public transport in general is a bit of a no go for you.

  4. You had to keep the ugly green carpet in your flat because you're so bad at staining things.

  5. You had a job as a waitress, and have dropped a fork/pot of coffee/entire stack of plates on someone's lap/in their eye.


  1. Your colleagues refuse to let you do the tea run

  2. Your desk is regularly decorated with whatever was in your mug

  3. At weddings, people keep the bride away from you and your dangling glass of wine


  1. You're so used to bumping into people, sometimes you say "sorry" without even needing to

  2. Your parents advised you to bump up your holiday insurance premium 'just in case'

  3. You spent a large portion of your childhood in a sling. Or bruised. Or running into other children

  4. Your mum used to blame your clumsy nature on that fact your arms and legs were too long for your body. Now she knows the truth

  5. You've lost count of things you've dropped in the toilet

  6. When J-Law fell over at the Oscars, you saw yourself


25.. You've poked yourself in the eye with your mascara at least once.

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