Here Are All The Things Adele Could Buy With Her £85million Fortune

Adele has just topped the Sunday Time's music rich list. You go girl

Here Are All The Things Adele Could Buy With Her £85million Fortune

by Marianna Manson |
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Adele is the country’s sweetheart; a national treasure; the greatest female musical export from the UK of the last 10 years – on par only, perhaps, with Amy Winehouse, but without the tragedy.

So it will please everyone to know that the BRIT School graduate and regular north London lass has been named as Britain’s richest ever female musician – flying the flag for female entrepreneurs everywhere and proving that an equal pay crisis in 2016 is total bullshit.

The Sunday Times Rich List, published last week, reveal that in a list of 50 music millionaires mainly dominated by aging rock legends, Adele’s £85m puts her in at 30th place – not bad for 27.

Her fortune is thought to have doubled since her return to the industry with her third studio album, 27, was released in November last year.

We wanted to write a piece about what Adele couldn’t afford to buy, now she’s a millionaire X 85.

Turns out there’s not much you can’t buy with 85 mil. So instead, here’s some things Adele could fit into her weekly shop, without making too much of a dent.

1. A private jet

No biggie, she probably already has one. If Adele wanted to go for the shit private jets down at the cheap end of the spectrum she could easily afford to buy at least 11, because they only cost somewhere in the region of £4 – £7.5m. But if she wants a really good one she’ll have to save up, because they can reach up to £300m.


2. A pet tiger

A pet tiger from reputable tiger-selling website is basically peanuts, at only £9347

3. This building

This Saudi Arabian millionaire businessman bought an innocuous ‘London Building’ for £85m, so if Adele wanted a building (in London), she totally could buy one.

4. This dress, 37,000 times over

She could buy 37,777 of this&cid=GoogS_UK_GGL_Givenchy_5076841_36_beige&gclid=CLq0ydmRoMwCFW8o0wodgEsOFQ){href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'} gorgeous Givenchy ball gown. That’d see her through party season and then some

5. Not this house

She COULDN’T buy this luxury Knightsbridge mansion though (boo), which recently sold for double the previous UK house price record. Makes #MakeRentingFair seem all the more necessary.

6. Lots of coffee

She could buy 30,357142.9 of her morning lattes from Café Nero. But not from Starbucks because it’s more expensive so she might not be able to afford quite so many.

7. A private island

But everyone knows that millionaires always have their hearts set on a private island. She could buy pretty much all of the getaways on this site, and if she was smart about it, more than one. Easily.

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