Thigh Gap Jewellery Is Now A Thing That Is Happening

But it's not quite as simple as that.

Thigh Gap Jewellery Is Now A Thing That Is Happening

by Chemmie Squier |

Imagine if you could buy a piece of jewellery, designed especially to dangle between your thighs. Like, adorn the area (your 'thigh gap', if you have one) with dangling gold chains and tassels and stuff, because, why not right?

Well, now you can thanks to TGap jewellery, but it's not quite what you think.

Too Kyung Bae, a designer from Singapore, created the collection and launched the website to ‘catalyze a debate on unrealistic body image social media portrays’ - like thigh gaps. When you go to buy a piece of the (pretty pricey) TGap jewellery, it re-directs to a page all about the story behind the project, describing the pressures of the media on the ‘perfect’ body image that leaves, according to Too, 8/10 convinced that their body looks ‘wrong’.

Speaking to Dezeen she said ‘By using outrageous products, I hope to bring a provocative jolt that leads us to ponder and reflect upon what we are like as a society and the absurd things we value and obsess over – as well as how this creates unnecessary pressure for women and girls.’

There's constantly a part of the female body that's we're being told needs to be or look a certain way, like collar bones, the mons pubis, thigh brows, your waist being smaller than an A4 piece of paper… Thanks to these ridiculous trends, the idea that we should all conform to a particular look continues to be perpetuated, leaving a lot of women (and men) feeling insecure and inferior. That's why projects like Too Kyung Bae's are important; the more people are shocked into realising the ridiculousness of these 'standards', the more people will realise just how detrimental they are to body image and mental health.

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