There’s Two Secret Games Hidden On The Facebook Messenger App

Facebook messenger games coming to a phone near you

There's Two Secret Games Hidden On The Facebook Messenger App

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Fancy a game of chess while you sit on the bus stuck in traffic, bored out of your mind? There’s an app for that. Well, specifically it’s an app for chatting to your pals, but we just found out that Facebook messenger has been secretively hiding two games. Sneaky.

Facebook Messenger chess

Here’s how to unlock the chess game.

Open up a chat with your the person you want to beat.


Type in '@fbchess,' which brings up your teeny tiny (and also slightly confusing) chess board.

Make your move by typing in what piece you want to move. Eg. P for pawn and square F6 if you want to go to that square. It’ll look something like this '@fbchess Pf6.' But maybe don’t do that, as you can see it’s an impossible move.

If you get stuck – like me – type in "@fbchess help”

Facebook Messenger basketball

You can still chat to your friends while you play, and if you hate chess why not play basketball instead?

This one’s a lot easier. Just go find the basketball emoji on your keyboard and send it to your competitor.

Once that’s on the screen, give it a tap and it brings up a hoop so away you go. Use your finger to direct the ball into the hoop.

I got a bit cocky and thought it was easy, but after the first round it gets bloody hard. But Chemmie found out the hard way that you have to update the app before playing, so in the end I did win. Victory!

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