There’s A New Way To Cure Your Migraine That Actually Works

And it involves your smartphone

There’s A New Way To Cure Your Migraine That Actually Works

by Chloe Gray |
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Until now the established advice to get rid of a migraine was to take side-effect enducing pills (which is big fat no), or to 'sleep it off'. And yes, I am writing that from the 21st century, not the 1800s, despite how natural and unmedical that sounds. But now science has used electricity (how very 2017) to find a cure for them that doesn’t involve being left in a dark room with a flannel on your head.

The drug alternative that is being rolled out is an electronic patch which consists of an armband, rubber electrodes, and a chip. The wireless device, which is controlled with a smartphone app, can be attached to your arm after a migraine breaks out. It generates electrical pulses which stimulate sensory nerves under the skin and prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. So modern.

The study, which was published in Neuorology journal, found 58% of people who started out with moderate to severe migraine said that their pain was mild or had disappeared following Nerivio patch treatment. Success!

Unfortunately, we’re not sure when you’ll actually be able to get your hands on the treatment, but we can only hope that it’s soon. We love it when science has our backs.

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