Ding Dong, Theo James Is The New Face Of Hugo Boss

Ding Dong, Theo James Is The New Face Of Hugo Boss


by Grazia |

Ding dong, Theo James has just been announced as the new face of Boss male fragrance. The brand certainly knows how to pick out a hunk after they signed up mega babe and our crush du jour, Scott Eastwood last season.

The campaign itself is yet to be unveiled but to whet your appetite here are 5 facts/ reasons to get excited and it turns out there is a lot more than meets the eye...

**1. He's the dreamy Divergent dude **


Theo kicks ass, wins the heart of our fellow sister of sass, Shailene Woodley and looks just delectable whilst doing so. No other reasons needed, then, really... Except we have 4 MORE..

2. Theo once died after procreating with Lady Mary

Downton Abbey

Do you remember Mr Pamuck from season one of Downton Abbey? He was the dashing Turkish diplomat who wooed Lady Mary and then snuffed it in her bed afterwards. She must have been good!

3. He can sing and play the harmonica (niche!) too

Imagine the lullabies Theo could sing you to sleep with? Dreamy! The actor is very musically gifted as well as beautiful and a cracking actor- what an all rounder! Theo used to be in a band called, Shere Khan and can sing, play the guitar (good with his fingers #handy), saxophone (good pipes #handyx2), the piano (again good with his fingers #handyx3) and the harmonica (niche). Appaz he also likes to beatbox! With that many skills you book him for your next soiree!

4. He is a professional whipper!


Calm down ladies... As part of his training for his role in Underworld he undertook training with whips and knives. Handy in the kitchen too it would seem and ERMMM.. In the... ENTER YOUR OWN IDEA HERE, we are respectable individuals.

**5. He loves a lol with our gal pal (in our dreams) Shailene **

Enter video above.

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