How To Get 2 Million Instagram Followers From The Girl Who’s Already Done It

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Thassia Naves

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In the last five years Brazillian blogger Thássia Naves has gone from strength to strength. Business of Fashion named her one of the most influential people in the fashion industry and after Milan Fashion Week, trend forecasters WGSN cited her as one of the main social media influencers (fourth only to Chiara Ferragni 'The Blonde Salad', Dolce and Gabanna and Nikki Minaj). Not too shabby, right?

Whilst she’s on all the expected social media platforms – Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope – it’s on Instagram that she particularly shines, with 2.1 million followers to date. So if you’re thinking, 'hey, a few more followers wouldn’t go amiss', read on my friend, for this is how to win at Instagram.

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Hey Thássia, how long did it take you to get two million Instagram followers?

I first started posting five years ago but I didn't post so frequently. There weren't so many users, so I used Instagram more to ‘treat; my photos and not really as a social network platform. After about six months more people and celebrities from the fashion world began to join and engage with me and it just kept growing.

I started to become more aware and began to focus on the quality of my photos, the timing of my posts, the captions and the finer details. I believe that this helped me grow and develop a profile with millions of followers. I never really anticipated having two million followers one day!

How can someone get more Instagram followers?

I think everyone's instagram is really personal to that individual. My advice on getting more followers would be to post pictures that fit your personality and you, know yourself! Have a personal aesthetic.

My Instagram is pretty fashion focused and I try to take good photos, I love getting creative and I express my creativity through fashion and photography.

You don't have to be an expert but Instagram is a visual medium so it’s important to have an eye for colour and composition. I'd also advise creating your own original content, instead of screen grabbing.

Is it important to include hashtags and locations?

Yes because it's just another tool to make it easier for people to find what they're looking for. There is so much content going live on Instagram every moment of everyday so adding a location can just narrow it down.

How important is it to be on other social media platforms (like Snapchat and Twitter) in order to build up your Instagram?

Yes I believe all the social media platforms are important and add value to and strengthen each other, it can be hard to manage them all though!

Are there certain types of pictures that you know your followers like more than others?

My Instagram is pretty fashion focused so I know my followers love to see what I'm wearing and where I am. They like to see the detail in my outfits and really it's just a very small glimpse into my adventures!

It’s usually the full outfit posts that get the most likes and attention, particularly when I'm going out in an evening dress. My followers love the evening dress shots!

Do you always use the same filter?

I don't always use the same filter, they can be fun to play around with but I'd say my favourite one in Valencia.

What’s the most liked picture on your Instagram?

My most liked picture on Instagram is a no make-up selfie I posted a little over a year ago, with 98,572 likes. At the time I wanted to make the point that I am a normal person and that nobody is perfect.

Obviously in a lot of my photos I have make up on and life looks glamorous and idealistic but at the end of the day I wanted people to see that life is not always like that.

Thanks, Thássia!

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