Tell Us Your Stories About Mental Health And The Pill

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Tell Us Your Stories About Mental Health And The Pill

by Vicky Spratt |
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Today, more women than ever around the globe have access to contraception. That said, there's no doubt that more work is needed to make sure that women everywhere are given a full range of affordable options which allow them to take control of their own bodies.

While many women have very positive experiences of hormonal contraception it's just not the case for everyone. The contraceptive pill might stop women getting pregnant when they don't want to, but it comes with a long list of side effects among which are potential mental health problems.

Have you experienced mental health problems which you believe were associated with your contraception? Please take a few moments to share your story with us below.

We will collect all of the stories you share with us and deliver them to the NHS. Your details will not be published.

*If you are concerned about your contraception or your mental health please contact your GP immediately *

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